70 Trades: customer service, support and contacts

70 Trades: customer service, support and contacts

Looking for 70Trades Customer Service? Finally your journey has become so much easier!

The interest in 70Trades is getting higher, this is why we decided to open this topic on our Forum.

Nowadays one of the most important thing for a broker and in general for companies is to provide clients a good customer service. That could be a good indicator of the broker’s business.

So if you need here you have the 70Trades Customer Service numbers to request information or simple clarifications.


How to contact 70Trades Customer Service and get more information on this broker?

Call the phone number: +448000465424 that is the INTERNATIONAL CONTACT INFORMATION


CONTACT 70Trades VIA EMAIL: customer.service@70trades.com and documents@70Trades.com

You can also contact them directly from the online contact form -> 70Trades contact

(If still you are not able to get a reply from them please leave a message here)


8 thoughts on “70 Trades: customer service, support and contacts

  1. I’m Mr. Rajat Suvra Brahmachari.I hv opened one A/C on 23/04/2020. Now I want to close my account and refund, but no body is responding. So I decided to go to customers complaints cell tomorrow. In between if any body try to communicate and resolve may come forward.


  2. Dear sir,
    Your 70 trades can’t give my mail any reply, I would like your 70 trades is froud, your sahil khan cheat me,please give me any reply as soon as possible
    Warm Regards


    1. hi i was get more loss my account balance is 77 usd only. nowcan i earn money. can you hep me. now how can i invest money.


  3. Actually i was able to contact them easily.
    If people don’t comment here it could mean that the customer services is replying to everyone :)


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