70 Trades scam? Why this forum?

70 Trades scam? Why this forum?

Hi everyone my name is Faiyaz and i created this forum few years ago. Everything started by chance.

I started to use 70Trades and i was wondering to find online a lot of lies about this broker (probably coming from competitors and maybe because it is young broker).

So i created this forum posting my experiences and news about 70Trades. The forum became bigger and bigger because people started to understand i was saying true stuff and they gave good feedback to the forum.


70Trades is a scam or not?

In the forex market is full of scam brokers so the purpose of this blog is to help people to understand if 70 Trades is a scam or not.

Forum 70Trades, check out the user’s opinion

The idea of this blog is to have a Forum where people can share information and experiences about 70 Trades. This blog/forum is totally based on the user’s experiences, it’s totally genuine, everything come from people who joined 70 Trades. So feel free to join our users and leave a comments to help them.

Latest news about 70Trades

In addition to the forum, to our general advises about forex, we also make research about the last reviews about 70 Trades that appear on internet.

I hope the Forum will be useful for you.

Enjoy journey!