What the people think about 70trades? (Send us your opinion)


Did you use the 70trades platform?

Are you a 70trades users?

Send us your opinion about 70trades and we will share it. Leave a comment here. ↓↓↓

39 thoughts on “What the people think about 70trades? (Send us your opinion)

  1. i registered with 70 trades last week with a deposit of US$ 200. i m a begginer so a trading expert contacted me to guide and coach me about trading. Seems a good experience


  2. 70trades good company. I started with 200 and earned some in the next few weeks. My manager wants me to deposit but I first withdrew to verify this company is not a fraud before depositing 1000 more. Invest with 70trades – you will win.


  3. I too was contacts by 70trades for opening an account with lot of commitment to educate about trading also made me feel confident that more profile can be made with only 200 USD investment


  4. I just joined 70Trades I am happy with their service .I received training since I am a beginner and I don’t have experience with trading.


  5. Deposited 4000 dollar, withdraw 700 dollar, now my account value is around 17k, I given request for withdrawal, but they are calling and said hold one week, more possibilities


  6. i have been trading from 70trades from more than one month, but the withdraw request taking time, i don’t know how much time it takes, but it’s normal


  7. I want to register with this 70trades co for trading! They require 200usd. Is there any amount required after you have gone through the training sessions? How much would it be as a beginner trader?


  8. Can 70 trades help me to understand this business in my own language(Hindi/Urdu). Because before investing money it’s important to understand about this.


  9. I was doing well with my previous account manager .now with my new account manager lost a little amount. Sometimes can happen


  10. hi. joined 70 tades on 7th july 2016 and i am doing fine. good training from my accounts
    manager. it is a good n genuine trading company


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