70trades: fake or reliable broker?

70trades: fake or reliable broker?

Forex trading is a highly profitable market and, as a result, it has become one of the leading trading options for investors looking to test their skills in an industry that is more puzzling than the typical stock exchanges. However, forex trading can quickly get confusing and challenging, and you could lose your money if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, finding success in this trading environment will require the services of a reliable broker.

But finding a reliable broker in forex trading can be difficult. Many people believe that forex trading is a scam altogether and that its process is illegal. Though there may be some grey areas in forex trading, it is perfectly legal and not fraudulent. It is the broker that could turn out to be a scam. However, there are reliable forex brokers that can help you work your way to the top of the investment ladder so you can earn loads of money for your efforts. This is why the 70 Trades online trading platform is an important topic.

Why 70 Trades?

The name feels a bit weird, especially for a new broker. But there is an explanation: following extensive testing and research, experts at 70trades revealed that it will take at least 70 trades to achieve success and high returns on investment. Never has a truer word been said! In order to be successful and make constant profits via forex trading, consistency is key.

Is 70 Trades a Scam?

Without any bulletproof evidence, it would be unfair to claim that a broker is fraudulent or a scam. Many persons have expressed concerns as the broker is registered in Vanuatu – a place which is quickly becoming a hub of subpar brokers, as you only need $2,000 to set up a brokerage there. But does this make 70 Trades a scam?

Am I Safe With 70 Trades?

One of the major concerns people have with online forex brokers is how safe their personal and banking information will be. Though a broker can only do their bit to ensure the protection of an investor in the face of trading risks, there are some unique features on the 70trades that ensure the safety and security of an investor’s details.

First, 70 Trades partners with different banks, including verified RBI authorized banks. RBI authorized banks keep customers’ deposits in safe place through an easy and straightforward process. The money traders deposit is separate from the company’s capital and there are no huge commission rates or unnecessary intermediaries which could be fraudulent. So, you can rest assured in confidence that your money and personal information is as safe as possible.

Another big perk is the protection policy of 70 Trades. This policy prevents traders’ accounts from going into negatives. Keeping track of your gains and losses can be a bit tricky in forex trading, but with 70 Trades protection policy, investors are sure they cannot lose more than they have invested.

70trades is a Reliable Broker

70 Trades is a registered broker that offers security and instills trust in the way the brokerage is run, and it is an excellent resource for trading information.

Most forex brokers target newbie brokers who have little to no trading experience. This is because it is easy to trick them into investing lots of money really quick. It is hardly surprising that reliable trading platforms like 70 Trades get caught up in the web of negative reputation.

Customers are the drivers of any business – and 70 Trades has a significant number of happy clients that trust them with their investment.

Last update: 16.04.19