Five most major sectors growing rapidly around the world

3-D Printing: according to the Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting firm it is the most emerging and popular sectors from the last few years. It is usually called as additive manufacturing, because of the materials placed in the printer are to create a 3-D object. In the Internet of things, 3-D printing has made revolution, which is used to produce motion pictures with the help of artificial intelligence. A recent study by the Manufacturing Institute found that 71 percent of American manufacturers are using 3-D printing in some way, from prototypes to end products.

Drones: According to a 2015 report by Grand View Research, the sky would be full of drones or UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles). The report says the global commercial drone market was valued at $552 million in 2014 and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of about 16.9 percent through 2022. Their applications are ranging from agricultural to the military development. There is a considerable increase in the demand of the drones in the world economy.

Marijuana: five places, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and Washington D.C have legalized he marijuana. The report of ArcView Market Research and New Frontier states that $5.7 billion is the sale of marijuana in the last year. Sales are expected to skyrocket to $22.8 billion in 2020, which is more than three times what they were this year.

Virtual Reality: Virtual reality — the common term for computer-generated, 3-D images that simulate a real world is not only an interesting concept, but one many experts say is poised to profit. This concept made a significant strike in the visualizing the 2-D images to 3-D image. It is related to the IoT (Internet of things). The report of the Deloitte Global estimates that, the virtual reality sector would finally touch the $1 billion mark in 2016. This predicted that the virtual reality has significant development in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is already being used in everyday technology — from Google’s voice recognition technology to Facebook’s DeepFace program, which can accurately identify 97 percent of the faces it scans. With substantial capital investment coming from major public companies such as Apple, Facebook, Airbnb, Microsoft and Google, AI is clearly a solid industry that has incredible growth potential. It makes the application more smarter the earlier.

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Why mutual fund has many merits over other investment options

Mutual funds give small investors to access professionally managed portfolios, diversified portfolios of bonds, equities, bonds and other security investments. It is unlike equity trading, here the trader will gain or lose as according to the pool of traders. Hence mutual funds are having a unique niche as compared to the other investments.

In all investments options the mutual funds are the thunderstrucking year by year, due to following advantages:

Inflation master: Inflation indicates a general rise in the price of goods and services. Even though, Indian market declined its inflation from 10.92% (2013) to 5.91% (2016), but considering all figures of poverty ratio and purchasing power parity inflation rate stood above the average. Mutual fund beats the inflation by adjusting its value of rising prices of goods in the economy. Hence, fixed deposits or saving from the bank account does not get inflation benefits after its return. Hence, purchasing power parity of the people will not get affected. The equity investments don’t provide an inflation adjustment as they entirely depend on demand and supply generated by the traders.
Cost effective: The investment in the other sections like capital market requires the higher capital to do trading for a long time, because of its higher costs in trading charges and brokerage charges. But in the mutual funds the charges offered are less, which makes mutual funds cost effective. Unlike in the equity trading, mutual fund gains or losses as according to the pool of investors, hence cost incurred in case of loss is less as compared to the other investment options.
Liquidity: The mutual funds are of three types, open-ended, semi closed and close-ended. The open-ended mutual fund offers the instant liquidity based on the value of net asset of that time and close ended mutual funds can be traded in stock markets as offered by the stock market. But as in the bank fixed deposits are having fixed deposit term, as a person cannot change his ways.
Diversification in portfolios: unlike equity or forex market, a mutual fund offers diversification in the portfolio. Due to its diversification, the mutual fund offers investment, this makes it to generate higher earning year by year and lessen the loss as compared to equities or forex markets.
Safety and transparency: mutual funds are safe and transparent. It is unavoidable that, every instrument in the stock market is based on the risk factor. But mutual funds are managed by the skilled experts and it is regulated by the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Unless putting money into unorganized sector, where risk is high, one can go with mutual funds.
Research and development: Backed by a dedicated research team, investors are provided with the services of an experienced fund manager who handles the financial decisions based on the performance and prospects available in the market to achieve the objectives of the mutual fund scheme. As the equity or forex markets does not get supported by the research team because as the investment is not going to pool of investors.
Comfortable: mutual funds are time savings, higher return, less risk and transparent instrument that makes people to be in a comfortable position. Here the cost is less, hence provides less transaction costs, makes a trader to get more earning per investment as compared to the other investment options.

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How to create your own portfolio

In general is the basket of the income securities, the combination of fixed deposits at banks, investment in equities, bonds, futures&options. The investment portfolio is the combination of stocks invested or willing to be invested. Portfolio makes investor to overlook the entire combination of stocks in one place and thereby take stand to lessen the loss of the portfolio.
It confined of different steps from designing the portfolio to the diversity of the portfolio. The portfolio is decided by the following factors.

Length of investment

It means that investor’s items in the portfolio are short term or long term investment in nature. The investor has to choose the fruits into his baskets according to the age of his and where he invested. The 70 year old cannot select his portfolio of more than 30 years long term investment. In this step, investor chooses the volume and nature of investment, according to the length of investment wish or will.

Conservative and aggressive

There are conservative trader and aggressive traders in the economy. The conservative trader doesn’t want to take the risk, whereas aggressive traders wants to take risks in their financial activities. Conservative traders invest and design their portfolio with less risk weighted assets, whereas aggressive traders invests in the high risk weighted assets.

Balancing portfolio

Economy will not be stagnant, it is fluctuating with the time; hence the markets will be dynamic with time. The portfolio may show a loss or profit in the basket. Hence rebalancing the portfolio wheels in the profit oriented direction is the better move.

Diversification of portfolio

Maintaining or constructing the portfolio with considering the diversification in investment options like equity, mutual fund, fixed deposits and other options. The consideration of sub-classes may help investors to achieve a perfect diversified portfolio.

Author: Editorial staff of 70trades reviews blog