Five most major sectors growing rapidly around the world

3-D Printing: according to the Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting firm it is the most emerging and popular sectors from the last few years. It is usually called as additive manufacturing, because of the materials placed in the printer are to create a 3-D object. In the Internet of things, 3-D printing has made revolution, which is used to produce motion pictures with the help of artificial intelligence. A recent study by the Manufacturing Institute found that 71 percent of American manufacturers are using 3-D printing in some way, from prototypes to end products.

Drones: According to a 2015 report by Grand View Research, the sky would be full of drones or UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles). The report says the global commercial drone market was valued at $552 million in 2014 and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of about 16.9 percent through 2022. Their applications are ranging from agricultural to the military development. There is a considerable increase in the demand of the drones in the world economy.

Marijuana: five places, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and Washington D.C have legalized he marijuana. The report of ArcView Market Research and New Frontier states that $5.7 billion is the sale of marijuana in the last year. Sales are expected to skyrocket to $22.8 billion in 2020, which is more than three times what they were this year.

Virtual Reality: Virtual reality — the common term for computer-generated, 3-D images that simulate a real world is not only an interesting concept, but one many experts say is poised to profit. This concept made a significant strike in the visualizing the 2-D images to 3-D image. It is related to the IoT (Internet of things). The report of the Deloitte Global estimates that, the virtual reality sector would finally touch the $1 billion mark in 2016. This predicted that the virtual reality has significant development in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is already being used in everyday technology — from Google’s voice recognition technology to Facebook’s DeepFace program, which can accurately identify 97 percent of the faces it scans. With substantial capital investment coming from major public companies such as Apple, Facebook, Airbnb, Microsoft and Google, AI is clearly a solid industry that has incredible growth potential. It makes the application more smarter the earlier.

Author: Editorial staff of 70trades reviews blog