Forum on 70 Trades


Did you use the 70 Trades platform?

Are you a 70 Trades users?

Did you win or are you being scammed by 70 Trades?

Send us your opinion about 70 Trades and we will share it. Leave a comment here in the Forum.



108 thoughts on “Forum on 70 Trades

  1. i have a lot of experience with 70 Trades, so if someone want to ask me i am here. But please don’t ask me about email on phone number because i don’t want to share them. I can reply here to everyone. Bye


  2. وأنا سعيد لأني وجدت هذا التداول. أود حقاً أن تعلمت حول هذا الموضوع في وقت سابق


  3. All brokers nowadays are similar. The main platforms are the same. What makes the difference is the seriousness of the broker like it is for 70 Trades


  4. 70 Trades gave me confidence in all situations in ht online trading field and their rates and services are fine compared to others. My investment and trade both are at positive side just because of these online traders


  5. Hi did you ever invest a big amount of money with 70 trades? i always invested small amounts and i am fine with that but now i am considering to invest more to earn more. The risks are higher. Is there someone who can explain me his experience?


    • Nice to here all this comments. Thou am new about 2weeks now. I deposited $200, and have earned $195. Thou I have not attempted withdrawal. If I do, I will as well post my experience.


  6. Hello Everyone,
    Why is to deposit 200 dollers is there not any less amount of deposit option.
    Trading in 70 trades is safer or not.
    I am bachelor so want belive and trust

    Earning alone.
    Thanks in advance


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